Who Does Sean Lowe Pick?: Live Updates on 'The Bachelor' Finale


During Monday's episode of ABC's The Bachelor Sean Lowe "dismissed" favorite contestant Tierra LiCausi — reported ABC News.   

In the episode, Lowe and the remaining of his aspiring fiancées (or bachelorettes) — AshLee F., Daniella, Lesley M., Lindsay, Sarah, Selma and Tierra — traveled to the U.S Virgin Islands — where LiCausi told Lowe she believed he'd become "distant" (in a different date, contestant AshLee Frazier had told Lowe that LiCausi "didn't get along with the other women," which produced a subsequent confrontation between the two aspiring fiancées).

Besides the confrontation, there was another scene when Lowe — who'd brought his sister so she could meet Tierra — finally introduced the two women just as Tierra was having the emotional breakdown ABC News says prompted her disqualification (Lowe ultimately decided to send Tierra home "out of concern for her emotional well-being").

"I can't believe he did this to me! I just want to go home. I hope the girls got what they wanted," said LiCausi.