Sequestration 2013: Why the Sequester is a Necessary Evil


Our nation faces an existential threat due to unsustainable spending. And while the American people recognize it, Washington, particularly this president, does not. Instead, using sequestration as a threat, they are pursuing a policy of higher taxation, higher spending, and zero fiscal accountability

In just the last few months, the threat of sequestration has allowed the president to push through a variety of tax increases and programs that would otherwise have been strongly opposed. These include; raising the nation's debt limit by $2.1 trillion, to roughly $16.4 trillion, as well as increasing both top marginal tax rates and effective marginal tax rates, and increasing taxes on investments, inheritance, and capital improvements. The net effect of these programs has been to increase the power and scope of the federal government, to promote class warfare between the rich and the poor by increasing disparities, to reduce the public's confidence in our form of divided government in order to pave the way for a stronger Executive governance model, and to undermine the United State's position of dominance in international financial markets — in order to promote President Obama’s "One World Government" model. 

And, if the present rhetoric is any indication, sequestration is going to be the weapon of choice as the president works to impose another round of tax increases to fund his irresponsible spending and further his political agenda.

As long as sequestration exists, it is going to be used by this president as a club in his drive to raise taxes, and as a rock under which members of Congress can hide in order to avoid responsibility for taking the steps necessary to rein in spending.  

It is time for the American people to put an end to this game, bite the bullet, and force sequestration into place. Even though we know sequestration will do a tremendous amount of damage to our military, and make cuts in some social programs that are going to negatively impact thousands of individuals who have grown too dependent upon them, the damage we will suffer can be repaired. Our nation can survive sequestration.

What is not certain is whether we can survive the threat posed by politicians using sequestration as a weapon to promote their irresponsible spending.