Tea Party Response to State of the Union


The Tea Party has had a long and illustrious history when it comes to responses to the State of the Union.  Oh wait, they have had two years of this.  In 2011, Michele Bachmann hostily responded to Obama's speech, all while looking at the wrong camera.  You can read the Huffington Post's unsurprisingly critical response to the speech here and this analysis of her speech courtesy of politiics.hungrypeasant here.  You can watch her full speech below:

One year later, Presidential hopeful Herman Cain got the nod for his response to the speech. You can read some Tea Party responses here and you can watch his speech below.

This all brings us to today's Tea Party response, which is being given by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.  You can read Alex Marin's post about his response here.  It will be interesting to see just how informative Paul is in his speech.  Will he flop like Jindal or give one of a number of horribly boring and unnecessary responses to the State of the Union.  Only time will tell.  Be sure to stay tuned here to get my occassionally insightful analysis of all three speeches tonight.