Watch SOTU: President Obama Releases Terrifying Dubstep Trailer For State Of the Union (Yes, Really.)


We've seen presidents do some weird things: Lyndon B. Johnson was famous for showing his genitals to anyone who would ask, while Reagan made a joke about bombing the Soviet Union in "five minutes" on national TV, alarming the Soviets into readying their entire nuclear arsenal.

While the latest Executive Branch move doesn't violate public decency or risk nuclear annihilation, it might be the most puzzling: President Obama has released a trailer for the State of the Union airing tonight. With huge, spiraling graphs and mind-melting blasts of dubstep.

Somehow, I'm reminded of this piece from The Onion:

Obama's Weekly Video Addresses Becoming Increasingly Avant-Garde


We're still waiting to see whether Marco Rubio will break out the drum n' bass, or whether Rand Paul will rock it to some sweet darkcore.