State of the Union 2013: Millennials Talk Economy, Unemployment and Role of Government


Millennials want action and comments on the economy and rising unemployment numbers among young people across the country.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate for young Americans between the ages of 18 to 29 jumped to 13.1% in January.  With young people playing a bigger role in policy discussions and national dialogue, it will be increasingly important to acknowledge this growing voter bloc in the country.


The economy continues to remain a primary concern for young people, with unemployment and jobs growth taking center stage.  Of growing importance is also the role of government, with young people eager to see a government that better reflects the Millennial generation through an effective public sector.


Last week, the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network launched a new report, Government By and For Millennial America, to outline four key areas of focus for the role of government.  The four areas are outlined below:


1) Government as Steward of the Common Good - This explores how government can ensure a baseline for economic and social security, by providing equal access to opportunity and strengthening a values-driven economy.


2) Government as Lawmaker - This explores how government can facilitate a deliberative process that supports the debate of ideas, modernizes the means by which citizens connect to and elect their lawmakers, and establishes a lawmaking framework that is forward-thinking and responsive. 


3) Government as It Engages Citizens - This explores how government can provide access to civic and political education, encourage productive and informed political participation and informed political participation, and expand access to democratic spaces.


4) Government as Innovator - This explores how government can innovate how it works, incubate creative ideas that drive America's competitiveness, and chart the course for inclusion, equity and civil rights.


Young people have strong ideas when it comes to environmental affairs, technological advancements, farm subsidies, fixing the electoral college, filibuster reform, gerrymandering, campaign financing, and lots more.


Students from the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network will be live-tweeting their opinions during the State of the Union address using the hashtag #GBAF.  One thing among this crowd is for sure: if young people want to lower the unemployment rate and take up jobs in this recovering economy, they want to see a more effective public sector to help get them there.


Check out the report here:

Government by and for Millennial America by Roosevelt Campus Network