Is Chris Dorner Dead?


Christopher Dorner, the rogue ex-LAPD officer accused of killing 4 people, has been cornered in a Big Bear Lake cabin after a revenge-fueled rampage that ended in multiple shootouts with police and crates of exploding ammunition.

Live streams report that earlier today, Dorner was seen leaving a cabin where he had taken hostage two women since Thursday. After authorities were alerted, a chase and shootout ensued in which two Fish & Game officers were wounded. At least one of those officers has been confirmed dead of their wounds.

Dorner was chased to a remote cabin, which was promptly surrounded by San Bernardino SWAT teams. While a media blackout partially continues, what is known is that the cabin is now burning to the ground, and a single shot was heard coming from the house after the fire began. Now, crates of ammunition appear to be exploding within the cabin. Authorities have stood down, waiting for the fire to end.

Is Christopher Dorner dead? Is his rampage over? Or did he somehow give authorities the slip? While police officers appear confident Dorner has been trapped and presumably killed, they have been wrong before.