State of the Union LIVE: How Obama Will Seize Opportunity


President Obama tonight will finally take hold of that which has handicapped his ability to push proggressive legislation: he must assert his own leadership, but maintain a level of respect in the process. This is crucial to increasing the probability his agenda will get passed.

Tonight it serves as an opportunity for Obama to emerge as both a principled liberal and a mediator. For Obama to execute his agenda, he must once again extend the olive branch. But the fact remains that there is a great deal of improvement needed in this country that is curently at a stand still.

Obama must reiterate the need for effective government in the economy-not simply "hands off" policy. Macroeconomic stability is often taken for granted when cries of national debt and deficit incinerate the national dialogue. Long term government investments are not only crucial to the current recovery, but serve to paint a picture of America's future. Preparing the U.S. workforce for an increasingly competitive global marketplace, is crucial to our future. The current K-12 public education system is failing on this account. Obama must be careful in walking economic lines, as sometimes his words can be tainted to negatively impact markets, but nontheless clear on this front.