Is Christopher Dorner Alive?


Chris Dorner, a rogue ex-LAPD officer on a week-long revenge-fueled rampage against Los Angeles authorities, may finally be dead after being cornered by police in a Big Bear Lake cabin.

Dorner's burnt-out truck was found on Thursday in the area with two AR-15 rifles inside. No sign of him emerged, leading authorities to believe he may have vacated the area. However, today, a neighbor apparently saw Dorner attempting to hijack a vehicle. As it turned out, Dorner had been holding two females hostage in a house for several days.

A shootout ensued, and Dorner claimed his fourth victim, a responding police officer. Now, chased to an area cabin, the building is burning to the ground after being saturated with tear gas. A single shot was heard, followed by exploding ammunition. It seems likely that if Dorner was inside, he is dead.

According to the son of the owner of the cabin, there is a basement in the building, which may yet allow Dorner to survive. There also remains a slight possibility that Dorner somehow eluded authorities, which would force a resumption of the massive manhunt.