Where is Christopher Dorner? Cabin On Fire After Shootout in Big Bear Woods


One deputy is dead and the cabin where Christopher Dorner is believed to have been camped out is on fire, after an exchange in gunfire with police Tuesday night in Big Bear, California.

Fugitive ex-cop Christopher Dorner is believed to be held up inside a cabin where flames erupted after hours of a standoff with police. KABC-TV reports that one gun shot sounded immediately after the cabin went up in smoke.

The cabin remains on fire as authorities surround it, waiting for the flames to die down. Cindy Bachman, a representative for the Sheriff's Department, says it can not be confirmed if the man inside the cabin is indeed Dorner. Bachman said there is a possibility Dorner is still on the loose. 

Multiple witnesses told officials the man inside the cabin matched descriptions of Dorner, said Bachman.

A massive manhunt was recently launched for the suspect, who is wanted for three murders. The deputy who Dorner alledgedly killed in a shootout earlier today would be his fourth victim.

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