Did Chris Dorner Escape?


Tracks have been found leading from the cabin where Chris Dorner was reportedly captured on Tuesday to a horse corral, suggesting that the ex-cop and rampage killer may have been able to escape, said reports from CBS.

However, authorities say that Dorner was likely trapped inside the cabin, which is now in its second hour of burning to the ground. Ammunition could be heard exploding within as the fire consumed the wooden building, while anyone inside would be unable to escape due to an encirclement of SWAT teams and heavily-armed police officers.

CNN's Randi Kaye says that around 12:45 p.m. local time, Fish & Game wardens spotted Dorner's vehicle on Highway 38 and gave chase. Soon thereafter, Dorner attempted to flee into the forest, after which "hundreds" of rounds were fired. Two deputies were shot, and one died en route to the hospital.

Is Dorner alive, dead, or wounded? Could he have escaped? It seems that this nightmare is over, but nothing is certainly until a body is recovered.