Reminder of What to Watch for During State of the Union 2013


For those who are curious what will be most important in this year's SOTU address, here's the concise list - and don't worry, there will be plenty of live updates and analysis to follow if you're into that kind of thing (if not, there will be a short list following the address).


1. The sequester - How do we avoid automatic spending cuts that have been likened to "budgeting with a meat cleaver."

2. Immigration - What do we do about immigration and those here unlawfully?

3. Gun Control - Shall we change the laws regarding guns and ownership?

4. Jobs - How do we get people back to work?

5. The Environment - With all the crazy weather this past year, what the heck is going on and how do we deal with it?


Don't worry, there are plenty more topics too so don't feel bad if yours wasn't mentioned. Just follow along to see all the latest updates!