Obama's SOTU Reflective of A Generation's Attitude Toward Government


With the tone of his State of the Union, President Obama argues for the role of government to play as a steward for the common good -- providing equal access to opportunity and strengthening a values-driven economy.


The Roosevelt Institute Campus Network recently released a groundbreaking document that capitalizes on Millennial's unique ethos and commitment to pragmatic problem-solving. This generation rejects the idea that our system is too broken, too stagnant, and too outdated. Over 1,000 young people from across the country and 40+ student writers contributed to designing a blueprint for 21st century governance, Government by and for Millennial America. They have identified the parts of the system that needs to be fixed while articulating what a true democracy should look like.


Take a look at the blueprint for 21st century government:


Government by and for Millennial America by Roosevelt Campus Network