So it begins


9:33 - In case you don't feel like listening, you can find the text to the State of the Union address here.

9:31 - Manufacturing needs to be supported in the U.S. Announces three new manufacturing hubs and asks Congress to support 15 new hubs.

9:29 - Boehner just looks really upset. But seriously, what else is new?

9:28 - "The greatest nation on Earth can't sustain itself by going from one manufactured crisis to the next."

9:24 - Obama: We can't cut our way to prosperity. Biden nods approvingly.

9:21 - Talking about reducing deficit and calling on Congress to stop sequestration from going through.

9:17 - Boehner doesn't applaud when Obama says the "state of the union is stronger".

Obama begins with a JFK quote, and gets much applause for saying the troops are coming home.