Watch: Chris Dorner Shootout Caught on Live Footage By CBS Reporter


The shootout which preceded ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner's retreat into a Big Bear Lake cabin which later burnt down was caught on tape by a CBS reporter, in a chilling audio segment in which dozens of gunshots and screaming can be heard.

One officer was killed and another severely wounded in the exchange of gunfire, which ultimately resulted in Dorner's temporary escape - into a wooden cabin which was set on fire, perhaps by heavy deployment of tear gas by the authorities. Ultimately, Dorner is suspected to have perished in that incident.

Meanwhile, the footage captured by CBS reporter Carter Evans shows some of the final standoff between Dorner and authorities. Bullets could be heard flying through the air as Evans announced that "We are right in the center of the action here."

"Hey, get the fuck out of here, pal," an officer yelled.

Anchor Sandra Mitchell attempted to determine whether Evans was alive. "Carter, are you there?" she said on-air.

"Down! Keep it down!" an unidentified voice could be heard screaming.

Evans survived, and later said that the incident was like being caught "in a warzone."

"We did not know what we were rolling up on ... We just knew we were following some of the search team, and we jumped out of our vehicles to get down," Evans commented.

He noted that 20 feet in front of him, he could see a rifle, ammunition, assault weapon, and bulletproof vest stripped from one of the downed officers.