Obama Impressing in SOTU: Problem Is People Don't Care


Obama's speech so far has included specific goals Congress needs to get done. Among the most prevalent are affirming we cannot default on our payments, also known as the debt cieling. Regarding education, Obama stated specifically that Congress must act to lower college costs by restructuring incentives for federal grant dollars. He also argues for educational access to all students of pre-school age, which improves life outcomes. Further, Obama pointed to Germany's education system that prepares high school graduates for jobs right out of college. Obama's take on how to better train students? Connect high schools with post-institutions offering basic skills in computer and engineering.

It must be remembered of course, that Obama here is laying out a list of goals he thinks Congress should do. This man is the leader of the free world. It must be remembered, however, that Obama himself cannot pass laws everyone agrees on. No matter what he says, it is ultimately the responsibility of the legislature, that is, Congress, to put these ideas into practice. 

"Each of these proposals deserves a vote in congress."

If people do not begin reaching out to their elected officials, Congress will continue its trend of anti-productiveness.