Are the Victoria's Secret Angels Too Thin?


Last night, Victoria's Secret held its annual fashion show showcasing the leading super models in the world wearing the company’s bikini and lingerie apparel.


While the show has become an iconic event and drew 10.3 million viewers last night, reports that model Adriana Lima put herself through a strict all-liquid diet for over a week complicate the issue of body image and marketing. 


Lima, according to, “Sticks to liquids for nine days before the runway show and stops drinking water 12 hours prior, in order to purge water weight.”


With eating disorders affecting 24 million Americans, some have criticized the fashion industry and the media for celebrating unhealthy body types. 


What do you think: What responsibility do brands like Victoria's Secret have in promoting unhealthy body images and how can they be working to tackle eating disorders? Should consumers boycott brands that encourage unhealthy body types?

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