President Obama Pushes for Diplomatic Talks with Iran


After the Ayatollah Khomeni brushed off direct talks with the U.S., the President reminds Iran of the need to talk with the U.S. and the International Community.


The President's point is predictable. He know that the sanctions are tightening the screws on Iran and that the Iranians are just scrapping by these days. They cannot keep up the tough act forever.


The U.S. has the edge on Iran. So the President was right in being confident in calling for talks with Iran and Russia, which is seen as a powerful influence in how the future talks occur.


The surprising factor was the lack of talk regarding China even though both countries have substantial trade and economic relations with one another. It would've been better to hear more about this area.


The U.S. seems to be in the lead and just waiting for Iran to burst and come to the talks for a settled agreement.