SOTU 2013: Obama's first call on the way back to the White House


A newly formed organization called "Organizing for Action", grown out of the campaign team for Obama in the 2012 election, is currently taking place. After a brief introduction about vision for this political action committee, President Obama dialed in and announced that this was his "first call on the way back to the White House". The president called on all of the call attendees to "take seriously the responsibility we were given after the results of the last election". He called on his supporters to "stay organized" and tweet support of his jobs plan by using hashtag #jobsnow and make their voices heard. The newly appointed volunteer director touted large numbers for supporter involvement with 17,000 volunteers involved in watch parties, 133,000 people signed up to listen the call itself and 68% percent of those people saying they would volunteer time to support the president's agenda. Supporters on the call were asked for three immediate actions:

1) Share their support for the president's plan by using the hashtag #jobsnow