State of the Union 2013 Live: The Republican Response


Senator Marco Rubio delivered the official GOP response to the State of the Union. The full transcript can be found on ABC News. It was not a surprise that he disagreed with the majority of the president's speech. He accused the president of blaming the economy on small business and entrepreneurship, though I am not sure that is the case. He also claimed the president was calling for more spending, borrowing and tax increases but that was not the case. President Obama says that all his proposals were already paid for and would not increase the debt. Obama also called for tax reform, but not tax increases.

There was no surprise that Rubio would go after the calls for raising the minimum wage. Republicans and the pro-business crowd have long fought raising the minimum wage as being bad for business and bad for consumers. Rubio highlighted immigration history and how government programs like federal financial aid and medicare.

Rubio did a good job delivering the GOP response, but much like the president didn't say anything new. Much of his speech could have been easily predicted as the Republicans have been clear on where they differe from the president.