Chris Dorner Not Dead? Authorities Say Body Not Recovered


An LAPD spokesman said that Christopher Dorner's body has not been recovered by San Bernardino police officers, debunking media reports that Dorner is dead and his body has been found by authorities.

The cabin is apparently too hot for police officials to enter and search, said the LAPD spokesman. Therefore, it is impossible for authorities to confirm whether anyone was, in fact, trapped within the cabin, or whether the body theorized to be within is Dorner's.

That didn't stop ABC from prematurely reporting that Dorner's body was found and identified:

We're as guilty as anyone of reporting this story verbatim, though ABC, CNN and the other major networks should have done their fact-checking. Currently, it is believed that a police officer told reporters that the body was already located.

Dorner is still most likely dead and in the building, reports ABC, drawing on the apparently relaxed stance taken by police following the destruction of the cabin.