'Mean Girls' Musical: Tina Fey Needs to Make It Happen


As if the world could not get enough of Mean Girls, talk of a Mean Girls musical may be in the works. In an interivew with E! News at the recent Screen Actors Guild Awards, writer/comedienne-extraordinaire Tina Fey announced that it is a likely possibility.

She divulged, "Maybe! We want to. I would love to. I'm trying to develop it with my husband, who does all the music for 30 Rock and I think Paramount's onboard."

This would be quite entertaining since the movie has become a cult classic for the millenial generation. The movie produced multiple memes and created a “National Mean Girls Day” on October 3, a day in whicheverybody wears pink.

I believe that the music would be great for this story. The iconic "Jingle Bell Rock" scene to seeing a song about “Plastics” would be absolutely hilarious. The characters in the movie are easily translatable into musical characters as well, and it would not be hard to assign songs to Regina George or to Cady Heron. I can only imagine a song transpiring from the scene where Regina George is hit by a bus.

Before anybody disagrees on how Mean Girls the movie actually perpetuates a culture of real mean girls, remember the end of the story? There is a long scene where Ms. Norbury (played by Tina Fey herself) has each girl partake in the truth circle. That truth circle helps all the girls realize that each one of them is guilty of gossip. Each clique has their own problems and hashes out all their issues. The story also ends with most of the plastics broken up and everybody getting along.

Mean Girls not only touches on the cattiness and cliqueness real girls experience in high school, but also provides a positive way to solve the issues. The play could bring in that notion of unity and acceptance, especially in song. Who doesn’t love Rent’s Season of Love?

Obviously, the quote about Halloween has perpetuated the notion of dressing up scantily during the holiday.

But, in the realm of feminism, women do have the right to display their bodies however they desire, even if it makes them feel objected. Again, this debate is something highly contested by feminists or any other people interested in clothes and objectification of women.

I believe with Tina Fey’s brilliant written skills and her husband’s musical talents, Mean Girls: The Musical could be so fetch.