Is Chris Dorner Still On the Loose? Tight Security at Slain Officer's Funeral Suggests So


Is ex LAPD officer gone bad Christopher Dorner still on the loose? Though authorities claim the charred body found in the burnt down cabin in Big Bear, California, is that of the former cop, they still haven't confirmed the information. And the strict security at officer Michael Crain's funeral — allegedly killed by Dorner (or the person that matched his description) during Tuesday's standoff — suggests that authorities might still fear Dorner could suddenly come out of nowhere and continue to execute his promise of waging war against the LAPD. To be fair, since both Governor Jerry Brown and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said they'd be attending the funeral security is bound to be strict. However, the longer authorities take to identify Dorner's body (or admit he, indeed, continues on the loose) the more conspiracy theories will be formed online.