Will Anonymous Retaliate For Christopher Dorner's Manhunt?


Hacktivist group Anonymous engaged its more than 883,000 Twitter followers during Tuesday's showdown between the LAPD and former cop Christopher Dorner, who allegedly died after the encounter (though his alleged body hasn't been identified yet). Anonymous seemed to defend the man who went on a vendetta-fueled rampage claiming he'd been victim of racism and corruption during his firing from the police department after denouncing a fellow cop who allegedly used excessive force against an already handcuffed prisoner. According to VICE, Anonymous has previously come to the defense of "whistle blowers" (like Bradley Manning, who allegedly leaked information from the military to WikiLeaks; Aaron Swartz, the co-founder of Reddit who leaked academic documents and Barett Brown, who is facing 100 years in prison and did detailed research into the inner workings of American security firms). Will the hacktivist group — which reportedly threatened to hack the webcast of the State of the Union address — carry out retaliation against the LAPD for its treatment of Dorner? It remains to be seen.