5 Ways to Support LGBT Rights on Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day isn’t just for straight couples (although Hallmark and Pinterest may be unaware of it). This Valentine’s Day you or someone you know, may be feeling left out because his or her love isn’t as respected or recognized. Here are five ways to remember the LGBT community on Valentine’s Day whether you are straight, gay, or anywhere in between. 

1. Dine at a restaurant that supports gay marriage

This includes Applebee’s, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and if you are feeling frugal, McDonald’s.

Also, don’t forget to pick up a pint of Ben & Jerry’s on the way home!

2. Instead of a Rom Com, watch an LGBT documentary

Instead of watching The Notebook or Jerry Maguire for the 40th time, take the evening to learn about firsthand accounts of the discrimination the LGBT community faces.

Learn about how one woman took vandalism and turned it into activism in Fag Bug, or follow the five Christian families with LGBT children in For the Bible Tells Me So. In addition, PBS recommends these ten LGBT documentaries.

3. Wear the White Knot

White Knot for Equality promotes the usage of a white ribbon tied in a knot to promote marriage equality. Their motto is, “everyone has the right to tie the knot.” You can get your white knot here.

4. Call your local representative and tell him or her you support LGBT rights 

If it doesn’t already exist, tell your representative that you want to see marriage equality legislation passed (especially if you live in Illinois). If gay marriage is recognized in your state, call the supports of the bill and tell them thank you!

5. Donate to an LGBT organization in honor of a loved one

Here is a list of LGBT advocacy groups in the United States and abroad. Find one that tugs at your heart strings!