3 Ways Millenials Can Come to Terms With Staggering Unemployment


If you were born in the 1980s, you officially qualify as a millennial. As awesome as that is, we found ourselves coming of age in a time of uncertainty and transition, where the postwar world is coming to a crisis of being. The world is undergoing rapid political, economic and philosophical change. While the shift happens and new paradigms about values, politics, and economics mature, however, we can’t sit still and risk being the generation that goes down as "lost in translation."

We have to admit, it is a paradox being the most educated and arguably most competitive generation since, well, ever — yet we find ourselves stunted before even taking off.

It is very possible to deal with that. Several tips will help put things in perspective.

1. Accept your reality:

Most of us were brought up with the ideology of "study, so you don’t have to work" and look where that got us. We studied, but that means working harder than ever. This environment is strengthening, because it forces you to be honest with yourself about a very personal perspective on life: what you want, what you can do, and how you’re going to do it. If you think the world owes you something, you can forget about it right now. The world was here long before us and it will be here long after us it is your job to find your place in it, not the other way around. Realize your time on Earth is limited, work with it, and remember that you only need to hit once. Accept your reality.

2. Be positive:

Getting discouraged and hopeless is the easy way out of any situation. It is tough to stay positive, and the pressures of your environment threaten to deepen the feeling. So, to do it, resort to your friends, read your favourite books and authors, go for a workout and use the generated endorphins towards your professional goal. Life, after all, is too short to waste away in self-pity. Live in the moment. Be positive.

3. An open mind:

Having an open mind does not expire with being amenable to a wide range of political ideas. It also means thinking outside the box in life, because the daily grind is surprisingly unvaried whatever the governing ideology.

So, start a business, freelance, learn a new language, travel and even move countries for a fresh start. You know that retail job you always hated? Consider going higher in the company; it might turn out to be the right decision. If you spent your life on the east coast, go west, or vice versa. Granted, the skiing isn’t the best, but it’s all in the spirit of trying new things. Be open-minded.

To sum it up: life is short. Live in the moment. Be positive and enjoy it. You can’t control everything and life will fall in place just persevere.