Beyonce HBO Documentary: 3 Reasons Beyonce's Life is But a Dream is Better Than Justin Bieber's Biopic


Beyonce’s Life Is But A Dream biopic premieres this weekend on HBO, hot on the heels of her knockout Super Bowl halftime performance. She's shutting down all the critics who so quickly judged her after the inauguration.

But Beyonce’s not breaking new ground here, as plenty of pop sensations have been testing the silver screen as an outlet to shine light on their careers, pitfalls, and comebacks. Not all of those were worth the price of admission sorry Beliebers, but Never Say Never wasn’t even that thrilling in 3D. After all of those misses, here comes the hit with megastar Beyonce, who has kept her private life pretty much that, and has rocked the charts for decades. Here are three reasons why Beyonce’s biopic-a-palooza, unlike some of the flicks of the past few years, will be worth the watch.

1) No Bieber. No Perry. No problem:

Unlike the Bieb and Katy Perry, Beyonce has achieved critical acclaim and pop megastardom spanning the course of decades. She went from "Bugaboo" and "Bills, Bills, Bills" to "Crazy in Love" and "Countdown."  She's been a megaforce in hip hop, R&B, and pop the entire way through. With dozens of Grammys, Billboard Music Awards, Golden Globe nominations, and a star on the walk of fame (with a little help from a girl group you might know as Destiny’s Child) Beyonce has been part of the cultural zeitgeist since 1997, adding words like bootylicious to the dictionary and phrases like "Put a ring on it" to the American lexicon.

Plus, unlike Bieber or Perry, we didn’t see every make up and break up splattered across the pages of US Weekly or E! Television. There’s some mystery to Beyonce’s life and some secrets to be revealed and every good movie needs a little tension.

2) The film is her baby and also will star her baby:


Beyonce directed, produced, and starred in her film. She had a co-director spend a handful of years with her through a miscarriage, the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy, and the release of an album that was as popularly embraced as "Dangerously In Love" or "I Am … Sasha Fierce" seriously, get on Spotify and listen to "4" all the way through, and then tell me you shouldn’t have done it in 2011 when it came out.

That level of commitment and energy put into telling a personal story about a public figure is bound to make for good results. If we’re all down to sit around and watch tour de force Lena Dunham write, produce, direct, and star in the Golden Globe and Emmy-winning smash HBO show Girls, we can definitely get into a little behind-the-scenes Bey.


3) Oprah Winfrey scored an exclusive interview with the R&B diva:

On Next Chapter, Oprah has gotten Lance Armstrong to admit to doping, Usher to open up about his divorce, Rihanna to admit her confusing feelings for Chris Brown, and Kim Kardashian to put the Kimye train in full motion. She also probably helped President Barack Obama win election and re-election. So you know her interview with Beyonce is going to be a great primer for the movie. Plan for tears, laughter, Beyonce and Oprah in fabulous outfits, and a great platform to enhance the "Dream" experience. Take a look at Oprah’s Instagram (and also the rest of the Internet) for verification.