Facebook Voted #1 Place to Work in America – Why Millennial FB Employees Love Their Jobs


With all of the drama that surrounds Facebook, you’d think it’s a crap company to work for, right? After all, the company has been protested, verbally attacked, and ridiculed this year, while one day the stock is up and the next it is down.

Wrong. Glassdoor’s 2013 Employee Choice list has been released, and Facebook takes the top spot for best places to work. How Mark Zuckerberg and team have managed to maintain a loyal employee base throughout the controversies that follow the company isn’t a great secret or source of magic. In fact, it’s rather simple: Facebook treats their employees very well.

The number one attribute Facebook employees list is the creative release they are given to move their product, and the company, forward. They also like the flexibility to move into another team when they’re ready for a new challenge. 

The employees don’t work in a cube farm. Rather, they live in a work neighborhood. Stress relievers are built into the office culture. From a friendly game of Ping-Pong to graffiti style walls, Facebook shows they are not your grandfather’s tech company. 

Given the ungodly rent and taxes in the Menlo Park area, Facebook has built in the following environmentally-friendly cost savings for their employees:

- Shuttle service to and from the Menlo Park Campus

What do employees have to say about the working conditions and work-life balance? The vast majority stated that they love their jobs, their employer, and warn that work life can get out of balance. Not because the company is run by an uber-meanie (Zuck has a 97% approval rating). Instead, they like their jobs and have a tendency to burn themselves out. Alas, a “good manager can detect that in advance and prevent it.” Sounds like a good manager advised their employee to ease up on the hours.

The CEO endorses Chris Christie over Obama, big deal. He knows what it takes to recruit and retain good employees and that will continue to be the key to Facebook’s controversial success.

Zuckerberg could teach a few corporate leaders a thing or two about employee relations.