Why Joe Biden Can't Be Taken Seriously On Gun Control


It would be difficult to find a more inappropriate person to have led the national task force on guns than Joe Biden. I say this as someone who likes Joe Biden personally. I would love to join a neighborhood baseball league with him, or invite him to my 4th of July cookout. However, I do not want him to lead my garage sale, let alone an anti-gun task force.  

Most of his political inclinations sound like satire, rather than serious opinions. Should a man like Joe Biden, who helped to pass the traitorous NDAA, be allowed anywhere near our Second Amendment rights? The answer can only be a resounding "no."

There is also the near-complete absence of credibility on the part of the vice president. The National Rifle Association (NRA) gave him a rating of “F” in terms of friendliness to gun owners and gun rights. And his other political goals, such as his stated desire to give Social Security to illegal immigrants, create a strong case that Biden is certifiably deranged. (For anyone needing further proof of this last point, please direct your attention to the vice presidential debate last October, which Biden spent in one fit of maniacal giggling after another.) As a matter of fact, the only thing that salvages Biden’s reputation at all is what the media would call his “gaffes,” or bald truths. 

The same day Obama issued 23 new edicts down to the American people, Biden was at the White House. He claimed that if the federal government just had more power, gun violence would be curbed. (Now that would have been a thoroughly appropriate time for a laugh.) However absurd, it was not out of character. I admit that at the time I thought Biden believed what he was saying was true, even if no one else did. 

But of course, he knew better. In this clip, Biden tells a small crowd that gun control will not protect anyone, and of course, it will not stop mass shootings. This is absolutely true: it turns out that killing people is already against the law, and people like Seung-Hui Cho (the Virginia Tech shooter) do it anyway. The only people likely to be impacted by the new regulations suggested by Joe Biden and his task force are the people who would never dream of murdering anyone, anyway. 

From the moment it was announced Joe Biden would lead a task force on guns, everyone knew exactly what his “findings” would be. For me, though, there was a painful disappointment when I watched the video and realized that even Joe Biden didn’t believe what he was saying about gun control.