4 Videos That Reveal the Importance of Liberty


Liberty is the subject of many movements, including the Tea Party, the Ron Paul movement, the rise of libertarians more generally, and to some extent, Occupy Wall Street. As a liberty lover, I really don’t care which major political party adopts the liberty banner. What we need to do is focus on getting the message of liberty out to our friends. Here are four videos that can help plant the seeds of liberty in our generation:

1. The Philosophy of Liberty 

The philosophy of liberty is explained here. While it uses some abstract terms, this video could possibly be effective in influencing our college educated friends.

2. The Meaning of Individualism

This video explains the differences between individualism and collectivism. More specifically, it addresses the tension of coercion and freedom. It dispels the idea that individualism is selfishness, one of the most common arguments against liberty.

3. Economic Freedom

Who needs economic freedom when you can vote? Why do you need economic freedom? This video explains it in the simplest way.

4. Defense Against More Regulation


You have to love John Stossel and his conversion to liberty. He does a special here on the increasing regulations and laws in the USA. He shows how our freedom is decreasing daily and how it affects you.

Do you have any videos to share? How do we spread the idea of liberty?