Michael Jordan Turns 50, Could He Make an NBA Comeback?


As Michael Jordan turns 50 on Sunday, it is hard to pay attention to NBA All-Star weekend with the shadow of the greatest player lurching deep into the minds of all NBA fans.

Jordan, the 6-time NBA Champion, 10 time-winner of the scoring title, and current owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, leaves behind an unmatched legacy. Known for his ultra-competitiveness and trash-talk on the court, Jordan accomplished everything there was to accomplish in his era. At 48 he still had the magic:

Of course, we cannot forget the leaping Michael as he began to hit his prime. His 1988 performance at the NBA Slam Dunk contest draws gasps even 25 years later.

Now that Michael has hit the half century mark, and his Bobcats continue to struggle at a lowly 12-40, some are wondering: Is Michael Jordan still the best player on the Bobcats?

His trainer, Tim Grover, thinks so, "Of course, things have been diminished away from the game so long, but even with what's diminished by age, by not playing, I still think he's superior to a lot of the players out there now."

The Wilmington, NC native still spurs excitement over a decade after leaving the game. Jordan's expertise, however, leaves many wondering how the Bobcats could record the worst season in NBA history.

To say Jordan's history is one of high points and low points is an understatement. When it came to the boxscore, it was usually the latter. Although a return to professional basketball remains highly unlikely at this point, it is still fun to wonder at what could be.

Nevertheless, Jordan's hitting the 50 mark remains cause for celebration. He revitalized a sport without steroids, captured a word-wide audience on a never before seen scale, and to this day sparks a memorial smile on the face of any Chicago Bulls fan.