YouTube Harlem Shake: How The Video Went Viral, Next Pope: Who Will Choose?, and Everything to Read Today


1. Check out the 117 Cardinal electors who will choose the new pope (New York Times)

2. Take a sip from your Rubio water bottle while you ponder “Our Collective Obsession with the trivial” (Miami Herald)

3. How Matt and Kim won the Harlem Shake (Wired)

4. For Presidents’ Day, 25 presidential facts (Mental Floss)

5. Celebrate Michael Jordan’s 50th Birthday by reliving his top 50 plays (YouTube)

6. Listen to an oral history of Belle and Sebastian’s classic album, “If You’re Feeling Sinister” (YouTube)

7. Nutritionists are lying to you (Authority Nutrition)

8. Etsy benefits from hiring more women (The Atlantic)

9. College admissions essays are turning kids into narcissists (Bloomberg)

10. Chinese official offered $30,000 to swim in polluted river (South China Morning Post).