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Does Zero Dark Thirty have a chance of winning anything?

Not so many months ago, Zero Dark Thirty was the film to beat. Kathryn Bigelow's follow-up to the her 2008 Oscar winning film The Hurt Locker seemed a lock for Best Picture. But now it seems the films biggest enemies are Hollywood's liberal left. Actors Ed Asner and David Clennon have urged Academy members to "snub the film."

The film contains torture scenes which have set off a firestorm among the Hollywood liberal left, as well as many in Washington. And even though the torture scenes are accurate and necessary for the storyline, many Hollywood elite have decided that this alone disqualifies the film from winning any awards. Bigelow was not nominated for Best Director, which was a tell tale sign that enthusiasm for the film had waned. 

It remains to be seen how this will play out. But just as Zero Dark Thirty was looking like the film to beat, it suddenly lost its momentum. In fact, Tom O'Neil, editor of the GoldDerby.com said, "Its hopes for best picture seem to be well, zero." It now looks as though Zero Dark Thirty has little hope of winning any major awards, with the exception of a possible Best Actress award for Jessica Chastain.