Future of the GOP: Join the PolicyMic Debate


Surrounding Obama's State of the Union last Tuesday, Senators Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) offered competing visions for the future of America and for the GOP itself.

It was the latest in the ongoing debate among Republicans about the future of the party. Will the GOP move towards independents and embrace the fastest growing demographics in America, embodied by Marco Rubio? Or, will it seek to satisfy its current grassroots supporters and limited-government activists, embodied by Rand Paul? Will it, can it, do both?

Today, we're featuring a handful of articles from PolicyMic pundits that look at the future of the Republican Party from different perspectives.

1) John Giokaris digs into why Republicans are failing to win over millennials.

2) Siv Cheruvu explores the Chris Christie - Mark Zuckerberg fundraiser and what it says about Christie's role in the GOP.

3) Frank Hagler looks at whether the sequester is tearing apart the Republican Party.

4) Peter Prime examines the changing demographics of Republican supporters.

5) Douglas Goodman gets into GOP SuperPAC's and how they're influencing the party.

It's one of several themes sparked by the State of the Union speech that we're exploring in-depth this week. Yesterday, we looked at income inequality and featured a great debate between PolicyMic pundits Brian Weidy and Jack Fischl about whether progressive taxation is the best way to address the gap. Please weigh-in with any questions or comments and we'll include them in an end-of-the-week roundup.