Gun Control Debate: Gun Owners Get 15% Discount at Virginia Beach Pizzeria


All Around Pizzas and Deli, a Virginia Beach pizzeria, is offering a 15% discount to anyone who walks in with a firearm or shows a concealed weapon permit — reports NBC News

Jay Laze, the owner and self-avowed "supporter of the right to carry," says the discount is his way of showing that the gun-control movement "turns his stomach."

"You're either on one side or the other and it seems like more politicians are against us rather than for us. I want to show them they really aren't representing the people or the constitution they are sworn in under," he added. 

Laze claims that 80% of his customers are coming "in packing heat" to take advantage of the promotion — one of whom reportedly brought an AK-47. Others, as the ones shown in the photo, posed with a customer's Ruger Mini-14 .223 semi-automatic rifle on Monday. 

"Not everyone who owns a gun is dangerous," insists Laze. "All the laws that are coming out are trying to protect the children. I've been sitting here with a gun for the last 45 minutes and it hasn't caused any kind of problem."

Laze, who says he has been robbed four times in the past, got the idea from a Utah ice-cream shop that offered a similar discount and said the price-cut is so popular he may make it permanent.