Harlem Shake YouTube Video: SeaWorld Get in On the Action, Newtown Killer Adam Lanza: Sources Reveal His Inspiration, and Everything Awesome You Need to Check Out Today


1. Obama predicted the future of cyberattacks (Barack Obama, writing in the Wall Street Journal)

2. Obama, the puppet master (POLITICO)

3. What data can’t do (New York Times)

4. A timeline of Chávez’s cancer developments (LA Times)

5. What Woody Guthrie would say to Monsanto (Atlantic)

6. 50 years after The Feminine Mystique, a look at the future of feminism(New York Times)

7. WHOOPS! Mississippi forgot to ban slavery (LA Times)

8. We know what caused the fire on the cruise from hell (LA Times)

9. Did the WH leak its immigration plan on purpose? (Washington Post)

10. The epic, surprisingly sexist fight that brought the minimum wage to America (and why we should raise it) (The Atlantic, New York Times)

11. Israeli soldier targets Palestinian boy with crosshairs in Instagram photo (Atlantic Wire)

12. TV can help improve child behavior, or can it? (USA Today, LA Times)

13. Adam Lanza may have been inspired by massacre in Norway (CBS News)

14. Find out what the creator of the Harlem Shake thinks of the internet sensation he started (Daily Beast)

15. Phoenix has a new song: We like it (YouTube)

16. Don’t let this ruin your childhood (BuzzFeed).

Dessert: Yes, you’ve seen the Harlem Shake a million times. But have you seen a walrus dance the Harlem Shake?