iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 Rumors and Photos: New iPhone Photos Leaked


Photos of what could be Apple's next iPhone, the iPhone 5S, surfaced online on Monday as reportedly leaked by a Chinese technology site — reported Yahoo News.

The images allegedly show the iPhone 5S "already going into production." The newer device looks almost identical to the iPhone 5, with the difference of an "updated vibration motor" — because of alleged complains that the iPhone 5 is "too noisy."   

According to Yahoo News, the Chinese site also suggested that an iPhone 6 was on the way. It said the iPhone 6 would have "a larger display" — increasing from 4.8 inches to 5 inches.

Meanwhile, Macworld has leaked its own version of the upcoming device showing the motherboard of Apple's next-generation iPhone — including a quad-core Apple A7 chip and 2GB of RAM. Macworld claims the images were published by iOSDoc and came from a "very reliable source."

From Macworld

The obvious difference is the presence of an Apple A7 processor chip, which is expected to replace the A6 chip currently found in the iPhone 5. The A7 processor is quad-core, clocked at 1.2GZ. The A6 is a dual-core chip at 1.3Ghz. The A7 chip will feature the fourth-generation iPad's PowerVR quad-core SGX554MP4 graphics processor, widening the gaming possibilities for the iPhone, but also decreasing battery life. 

The source also says that the iPhone 5S will have a RAM boost — up from 1GB to 2GB — to improve performance and multi-tasking. The iPhone 5S will also reportedly run iOS 7 (which will have highly improved Siri).