Oscars 2013 Predictions: LIVE Updates On Winners and Nominees


I love the Oscars. They're pure showmanship, and the combined dollars spent on the ceremony and outfitting the celebrities in attendance could probably feed a third world nation for the next several decades, but that hasn't stopped me from being glued to the TV every year for as long as I can remember (I'll be ashamed of myself next week, I promise).

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens on Sunday ... who wins, who loses with the least amount of grace, who has a wardrobe malfunction, and who Seth MacFarlane will harass.

But beyond that, here are my top three Things to look out for at the 85th Oscars: 

1) Battle of the Ladies J

Will Jessica Chastain or Jennifer Lawrence take home the Best Actress prize? These two ladies seem to be running a close race. They could cancel each other out, sending the statue home with Emmanuelle Riva, but that seems unlikely. 

2) Argo-shaming 

Ben Affleck and his film about a covert rescue, have been cleaning up this awards season. Argo is nominated, Affleck is not. Will the guy formerly known as Matt Damon's sidekick take home a Best Picture Oscar on Sunday? Apparently, only three times has a film won Best Picture without a director nod. 

3) She hath a way with words

Anne Hathaway will win Best Supporting Actress for Les Miserables. If she doesn't, it will be the shock of the night. However, Hathaway has managed to surprise audiences with her speeches, from use of phrases like "forevermore use as a weapon against self doubt" to spelling corrections and shouts-out to Victor Hugo. Her Oscar night speech is guaranteed to garner some reaction (insert obligatory lame James Franco joke here).

Honorable mention: The dresses. Who cares about who wins and loses. What will they wear?!?! And more importantly, what will Joan Rivers say about it the next day?!?!