PS4 Features: 4 Must-Have Playstation 4 Features

According to Forbes, the PlayStation 4 "has to be a gigantic hit." And they're suggesting these four features the new device must have to accomplish this:

1. Streaming: Sony's $380 million acquisition of the cloud-based gaming service Gaikai will pay off with a feature that will allow PlayStation 4 owners to play PlayStation 3 games by streaming them over the internet. Take it a step further and make new games playable this way, too (so players have the option to pay by the hour or day).

2. Improve Microsoft's Kinect-Like Motion Control: Microsoft's Kinect sensor lets users control some games with gestures. Sony should follow suit by using technology from start ups like Leap Motion — which have mastered cheaper alternatives.

3. Make it Vita-Friendly: Vita and PlayStation 4 should work together. With a sharp 5-inch display, the Vita is an excellent "second screen" just begging to be used.

4. Lower the Price: If recent sales trends are any indication, a home or handheld video game console over $200 is asking a lot of consumers, especially when most smartphones are sold for less and tablets are comparably priced.