Playstation 4 Release Leaves Xbox Durango in the Dust


The impending Playstation 4 announcement has evidently ruffled a few feathers in the ole game console war.

Microsoft, which still has not revealed any plans for the definitive Xbox 720 announcement (despite the Xbox 720 havingseemed closer to an official launch and a Sony exec’s explicit statement for fans having to wait “at least until May”) and currently does not seem to have any answers to Sony's new console.

Nintendo, on the other hand, is acting up and has announced that it will be attending Gamescom 2013, a major German exhibition that both Nintendo and Microsoft skipped last year. However, with Nintendo almost a guaranteed visitor with its latest console, they likely could not afford to pass this opportunity by. There are currently talks about whether Microsoft will attend or not, but there is nothing concrete.

Still, with Microsoft, we have heard rumors that the newest console will ship with built-in Kinect functionality. The report also seems to confirm that the name for the console will be Durango, although this could just be development code. The newer Kinect will be far superior to the current one, going beyond just skeletal tracings for a more advanced approach.

We have also heard that, in a less popular but completely predictable move, the Xbox 720 console will require constant internet connection, block the ability to play used games, and use 50 GB blu-ray drives as opposed to the current HD-DVD.

Sony’s plans for the future, however, seem to be leaking left and right, which implies something about whether these are leaks at all. Already, we have seen seemingly strong reports about everything from release date, specifications and price to even the shape of the controller.

Either way, whatever the case may be, Sony already seems to be taking charge because the Wii U has failed to make a splash and Microsoft is currently nowhere to be seen (with the few details that are emerging being less than flattering).

Be sure to stay tuned in at 6:00pm EST for Live updates on Sony’s announcements.