Oscars 2013: What Are Your Predictions? and All of Today's Top PolicyMic Stories


1. 5 Reasons Republicans Are Failing to Win Over Millennials (John Giokaris) – Ideology is only one component of winning over millennials. Cultural outreach plays a huge factor in connecting with the youth, and both Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul illustrate how it can be done.

2. Joe Salazar Rape Comment: Women Don’t Need Guns, Even If They Fear Sexual Assault (Amy Sterling Casil) – Whether it's "legitimate" rape or guns for protection, male zealots on the right and left have problems recognizing the basic humanity of women and common sense.

3. Are Oreo’s Social Media Ads the Future Of Advertising? (Brett Ryan) – Oreo has an astounding track record with social media advertisements. What's their secret and why are they so effective?

4. 15 Films That Truly Changed Modern Cinema (Roy Klabin) – No one list will ever satisfy all moviegoers, so let's honor the films that still spurn extreme reverence and extreme debate.

5. 3 Ridiculous Reasons House Republicans Won’t vote for the Violence Against Women Act (Hannah Kapp-Klote) – VAWA needs to pass in the House and it needs to pass now. What are House Republicans saying to justify the way they're dragging their feet?

BONUS – Oscar Ballot 2013: Make Your Predictions For the 2013 Academy Awards (Elena Sheppard) – It's prediction time. Throw your hat in the ring and share your predictions for the winners at the 85th annual Academy Awards. Will you be the PolicyMic-er with the most right predictions? The winner gets a shout out in Mic Check!