YouTube Harlem Shake: Harlem Reacts, Bonnaroo Line-Up 2013: Inside the Crazy Announcement Stream, and all the Cool Stuff to Check Out Today


1. Will Twitter file a secret IPO? (Quartz)

2. Could a new phonetic alphabet promote world peace? (BBC)

3. Inside the savagely marketed, addiction-creating battle for American “stomach share” (New York Times)

4. Real life inception: how to plant false memories (Scientific American)

5. Take a tour of the Pope’s retirement home (LA Times)

6. Neil deGrasse Tyson tweets for science literacy (USA Today)

7. You can tattoo fruit (Edible Georgraphy)

8. The secret to Picasso’s genius: house paint (Slate)

9. How to collect priceless art on a working class budget (Mental Floss)

10. Who knew ink drops could look so cool? (Daily What)

11. Harlem weighs in on the Harlem Shake (YouTube)

12. The strangest opening to a science class you will ever see (Slate)

13. Wesleyan students had way too much fun at this dinosaur exhibit (Atlantic Wire)

14. Bonnaroo line-up announced via crazy live-stream (MTV)