10 Characters That Need to Be in the New 'Star Wars' Trilogy


The entire sci-fi community is buzzing with J.J. Abrams' taking them helm for at least one of the new Star Wars movies. The good news for fans of the expanded universe is that it appears that original Star Wars actors Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher will all be reprising their roles. Billy Dee Williams is also considering coming back as well. With that in mind, fans are dying to know who exactly the movie be centered around.

The good news is that there is a lot of official canon material that director J.J. Abrams can choose from for Star Wars Episode VII. Considering how much research this guy did for Star Trek, any hearsay that says he will not be looking to the expanded universe should be taken with a HUGE grain of salt.

Known for doing his homework (he apparently watched every episode of the original series and all of the movies before shooting 2009's Star Trek) Abrams will no doubt be diving deep into existing Star Wars mythology. There are 10 characters that should easily come out on top. Some of them are older characters, and others will be new to the big screen. 

10. Luke Skywalker

OK, so this one is kind of a given. During the most popular of the novels that take place after Return of The Jedi, Luke reboots the Jedi Order and becomes a Grand Master, like Yoda before him. In a recent interview, actor Mark Hamill said he would see Luke be something like Obi-Wan was in the original trilogy, an old, wise master. Boom.

9. Leia Organa Solo

Another easy one. In the popular Legacy of The Force series, Leia is not only the wife of Han Solo and mother of their three children (see below), but she is also a Jedi Knight. 

8. Han Solo

One of the things that was missing the most from the second trilogy was someone who could really turn a word from time to time. Han Solo is featured generously in the Legacy of The Force novels, which coincidentally take place roughly 40 years after Return of The Jedi. (For those playing the home game, that's about the same amount of time that has passed in real life!)

7. R2D2 and C-3PO

C'mon. Let's be real. There isn't going to be a new trilogy without them, nor should there be. 

6. Chewbacca

See answer for #7.

5. Anakin Solo

The youngest son of Han and Leia. Like his grandfather that he is named for, he loves taking apart computers, and is somewhat of a loner. Enters the Jedi Praxium on Yavin 4 at age 11.

4. Shira Elan Colla Brie / Lumiya, Dark Lady of The Sith

it wouldn't be Star Wars without a new Sith or two, and Lumiya certainly fits the bill. A Dark Lady of the Sith hellbent on revenge, Lumiya is a nightmare.

3. Ben Skywalker 

Son of Grand Master Luke and his wife, Mara Jade Skywalker. A powerful Jedi Knight, Ben would be the perfect choice for a dashing, optimistic male lead.

2. Jaina Solo

Rumors are swirling that J.J. Abrams is interested in a female protagonist. Enter Jaina Solo, daughter of Han and Leia. In many of the main story lines, Jaina is not only an incredible person of importance, but an immensely powerful Jedi Knight. The eldest of the Solo children, she was born 5 minutes before her twin brother, Jacen. An incredible pilot and swordsman, she would be the perfect main protagonist for a trilogy.

1. Jacen Solo / Darth Cadeus 

Without giving too much away, I'll just say that Jacen Solo is one of the most famous characters in the Star Wars expanded universe. Exceptionally gifted with the force, Jacen connects easily with nature, often times being able to calm animals down near the Jedi Academy with his presence. Throughout his adventures, he was even able to experience a moment of true unity with the force. 

These of course, are the high points for Jacen Solo. As for everything else? Well, let's just say that if you're going to try and one-up Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine, Jacen Solo would be the best one for the job, as he eventually falls from grace to become Darth Caedus.