Winter Storm Q Tracker LIVE Updates: Huge Storm Slams Midwest


Remember Winter Storm Nemo? That storm dropped upwards of 30 inches of snow on parts of the Northeast and drove controversy about whether the Weather Channel's new convention of naming storms was appropriate.

Now, the Weather Channel has coined another storm: The newly dubbed Winter Storm Q is scheduled to frustrate some 30 million citizens of the Plains region and Midwest with lightning, wind, ice, and snow, with some 800,000 square miles of U.S. territory under some kind of major storm warning.

Among the hazards expected are dangerous weather alerts in Springfield, Missouri, as well as severe thunderstorms as far south as the Gulf Coast, with much of Louisiana and Central Mississippi expected to recieve straight-line wind and large hail.

Check back here for LIVE updates on Winter Storm Q, including a state-by-state analysis of the expected impact, damage reports, and breaking news.