Oscar 2013 Predictions: 'Argo' Will Win Best Picture


Argo, riding an award's season hot streak, seems poised to win Best Picture at Sunday night's Academy Awards. And don't forget, it deserves the award as well. 

The following is a list of the films nominated for the Best Picture Oscar: 

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Great movies in their own right, Beasts and Amour don't have the chops to match up with the bigger budget films they're up against.

Les MisLife of Pi, and Django all were visual stunners with huge fan bases, but never lived up to Best Picture quality films (although, somehow, The Artist and The Kings Speech both won Best Picture the last two years despite not being worthy of the award). 

Silver Linings Playbook came to life wonderfully, but isn't viewed in the same class as the favorites for Best Picture. It also fails to match what the three favorites all have in common: American history.

Zero Dark Thirty has an outside shot at winning the award. Kathryn Bigelow not receiving a Best Director nomination hurt the film's chances though. 

Lincoln probably has the best chance to upset Argo, but is a film that prides itself on being a history lesson yet fails to match up with history going to win Best Picture?

Which leaves us with Argo. While Ben Affleck was snubbed in the best directing category just like Bigelow, the strength of the film itself is the reason it will win Best Picture.

A mix between thriller and satire, Argo is this year's best picture. It is wonderfully directed, dutifully acted, and all around worthy of the Best Picture Oscar.