PS4: What You Need to Know, YouTube Harlem Shake: Billboard Changes Ranking Criteria, and Everything You Should Check Out Today


1. Assad: “We didn’t launch the war” (The New York Times)

2. #Unfollow: the case for kicking terrorists off Twitter (Foreign Policy)

3. Obesity is on the decline, hopefully (The New York Times)

4. Why Clarence Thomas uses simple words (The Atlantic)

5. Russia’s $50 billion Olympic bid (Reuters)

6. Career change: Palin goes to Harvard (The Daily Currant)

7. An art-world mystery, featuring Banksy (The New York Times)

8. Why you never really leave high school (New York Magazine)

9. 6 great reasons NOT to go to law school (Huffington Post)

10. Inside the Hobbit costumes (spoiler: they used yak hair)

11. How millennial are you? Take the quiz (Pew Research Center)

12. Harlem shake hits #1 (Mashable)

13. Spend some time with a snail-watching society (LIFE)

14. Monsters of fashion (The Daily Beast)

15. Best beer in the world brewed by monks (The New York Times)

16. All about the PS4 (BuzzFeed)

17. All-star cast: Who to look out for when Arrested Development returns (Slate).