Adele Oscars Performance 2013: What to Expect


Adele has confirmed that she will perform her theme song to Skyfall, co-written by Paul Epworth, at the 85th Academy Awards. Up for best original song, "Skyfall" has already taken home a trophy in the same category at this year's Grammy awards. The song is considered the front-runner in the category, but competition from songs such as Ted's "Everybody Needs a Best Friend" and "Pi's Lullaby" from Life of Pi keep it from being a shoe-in. So a victory cannot be guaranteed, but there are some things that you can count on during her performance.

A James Bond montage in the background. If we learned anything from the Olympics, it's that those Brits love themselves some 007.

Big dress, big hair, long nails, and a brand new "A" tattoo. Though her Grammys' look was a bit more colorful than her usual monochrome, Adele tends to stick to the basics; we can almost always count on her to wear a full-skirted, black dress, big hair, and long nails. And considering that it's permanent, the new ink on her neck (an "A" reportedly in honor of her young son) is a guarantee. My bet is hat she'll wear a slightly more fitted, long black dress with sleeves (it's the Oscars, after all) and a beehive 'do.

And for the 100% guarantee, an awesome voice. Sure, she has admitted to suffering from stage fright, but Adele is Adele, and she is destined to give a performance that will demand a standing ovation, even from viewers at home.