Google Chromebook Pixel: What to Expect, Brussels Diamond Heist: Bizarre Crime Coincidences, and Everything You Should Check Out Today


1. When solitude is torture (Washington Post)

2. The overview effect (Vimeo)

3. The benefits of exercising outdoors (New York Times)

4. Details on the Chromebox Pixel (out next week) (The Verge)

5. 2013 World Press Photo Awards (Slate)

6. Crazy coincidences in Brussels jewel heist (Daily Beast)

7. 72 year-old races NASA to Mars (Atlantic Wire)

8. Protestors sign up Morsi for Axe body spray’s space contest (Miami Herald)

9. China bans BBQ (Quartz)

10. Florida woman shot by oven (NBC).

Dessert – This dog has swagger.

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