Google Glass Price and Release Date: For Late 2013 at Less Than $1,500


Google Glass will be available before the end of 2013 at a lower price than the $1,500 Google had announced for Glass' "developer edition" — reported CNET

The announcement follows rumors that Google is planning to open retail stores this year so users can walk in and test Glass, Chromebook Pixel and other products — like Apple fans do at Apple stores. 

According to CNET, Glass will be able to connect — via Bluetooth — to both Android phones and the iPhone. Glass will be able to pull down data from wifi or use the 3G or 4G feed from a connected phone.

However, The Verge's Joshua Topolsky, who tried out and reviewed Google Glass, says that the voice control feature — one of Glass' strong selling points — isn't yet "perfect" and that slow data connections can quickly "render the device useless" (Google says they plan to issue monthly updates to early users to refine the experience in the beginning).