Barbra Streisand Oscars Performance 2013


For the first time in almost 36 years, musical sensation Barbra Streisand will be performing at the Oscars. The Academy Award-winning actress will be singing "Memory," according to E! Online senior writer Marc Malkin, who tweeted Thursday:


Hooray for Streisand! Anyone else as excited for this as we are? Perez Hilton is pretty stoked, and I'm sure Streisand's #1 fangirl, Lea Michele can't wait for the musical number. Maybe next year, Michele can join in. I'm all for a Glee cast member song at the 86th annual Academy Awards! How about you? I thiknk I'm more excited about Adele's big moment on stage. Now there's a girl who will be performing at the Oscars 30 years from now!