Open Mic: Do You Support Huntsman's Plan To Create Jobs?


Whomever America elects as president in 2012 will likely have to address an economy with 20 million unemployed workers and a $15 trillion national debt. 

In this Open Mic, we look at Jon Huntsman's plan to create jobs. What proposals do you agree with? Which proposals do you disagree with? 


Although Jon Huntsman has not gained significant traction in his campaign to become the Republican presidential nominee, the former Utah Governor and U.S. Ambassador to China has put forward serious ideas compared to some of his peers. Here's a brief summary of his jobs plan:

Tax Reform: Simplify the tax code and reduce tax rates to allow America to compete in the 21st Century economy.

Regulatory Reform: (1) Roll back President Obama’s health care overhaul and financial regulation reform, (2) rein-in the Environmental Protection Agency’s job-killing regulations, and (3) dramatically improve the cost-benefit analysis of future regulations.

Energy Independence: (1) Expedite the review and approval of safe and environmentally-sound energy projects, including the development of North American oil and gas reserves; oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska; shale gas and oil in the U.S.; and Canadian oil sands. (2) Eliminate subsidies and regulations that support foreign oil and inhibit clean, domestic alternatives such as natural gas, biofuels and coal-to-liquid fuel.

Trade: Free trade supports nearly 18 million American jobs, and establishing new lines of trade with international partners represents an enormous well of untapped economic and political goodwill. America must take the lead in initiating free trade agreements with Japan, India and Taiwan, among others.